How to take penalties in FIFA 20: Ultimate Guide

How to take penalties in FIFA 20: Ultimate Guide


How to take penalties in FIFA 20 – this is popular question as this year EA totally changed penalties techniques. We prepared for you ultimate guide on how to shoot penalties and how to save penalties in FIFA 20.

How to take penalties in FIFA 20 – things are different now

FIFA 20 introduces a new penalty system. Old style is not working anymore and you need to get used to the new. However, if you have good skill you can make incredibly accurate shots.

Aiming Reticle

The first thing that catches your eye is the aiming reticle, the default position of which exactly matches the center of the target. However, it is constantly moving, so if you aim the reticle to another place and release the analog, it will return to its original position. This works similarly to the corner kicks of the previous part. 

How to take penalties in FIFA 20

Power of the shot

The reticle moves aggressively, so you need to focus to keep it in one position, while the power of shot above the player’s head is filled. In addition, the shot power is indicated by an expanding circle around the reticle. 

When it gets too big, the kick is likely to be too strong and the ball will fly far beyond the goal. In this case, it is important that when charging the power of the shot, the reticle would still be movable and freeze only when we release the strike button. So it’s very difficult to control. 

For sure to get the best result – you should be aiming upper left or right corners of the goal.

Using Timing during the penalty shootout

If you have a question – how to take panalties in FIFA 20 – you shouldn’t forget about the timing. The FIFA 20 has returned the Timing system, which we can, but are not required to use, during the penalty shootout. Proper use of this system occurs when – after you release the hit button, quickly (second time) press again. This should happen when the player’s foot touches the ball. So you really need to be fast.  

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The above example shows that we were able to perfectly apply such tactics. This is indicated by the green reticle (3). He is also in a difficult place to defend, so the goalkeeper will have real problems with the saving, even when he rushes in the right direction.

Reticle can also turn yellow (4) or red (5). In the first case, this is the average successful use of timing – if in this situation the blow is not very strong, and the crosshair is within the goal, the ball may fall into the net if the goalkeeper does not catch it.   

How to take penalties in FIFA 20

If the aiming reticle is red – the ball will almost certainly fly away from the target. All this will be useful when playing alone or online. But what if you play together on the same console?

How to take penalties in FIFA 20 if playing on the same console

Then, so that the player managing the goalkeeper does not know about the direction of the shot, we can change the position of the reticle at the last moment. Nevertheless, it is very risky – better if we will keep the reticle where we really want to shoot at.  

Another way is to simply disable the reticle – for this you should go to settings. If you want to shoot near a post or crossbar, move the stick until you feel a slight vibration. 

How to save penalties in FIFA 20?

If you play as a goalkeeper, it is worth recalling a trick that still works – look at the player’s head. It will move – literally a few pixels – in the direction the player is aiming and is likely to strike. 

How to save penalties in FIFA 20

It is worth trying to rush in the same direction.

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