How COVID-19 coronavirus will influence FIFA 21 launch this year?

Tournaments on standby: how COVID-19 affects FIFA 20?

EA Games is in an unprecedented position with the development of FIFA 21 this year. Never in the history of the series have there been long and widespread deferments of leagues and tournaments, but the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has led to this precisely in Europe and in many other competitions around the world.

FIFA games are based on the annual tournament cycle and transfer market, with players moving from team to team, and the list of each annual edition of the game changes accordingly.

Tournaments on standby: how COVID-19 affects FIFA 20?

But if the leagues are on standby for an indefinite period of time: what about September FIFA release window? Potentially with incomplete competitions, and real professional players who need time to recover can push the start of the tournaments even further away. Could this be the first FIFA of the modern era to be released unaccompanied by leagues in the game?

Changes to FIFA 20 can be made as soon as they arrive in real life

Nowadays, as in most other tournaments connected to the Internet, this is less alarming than it would have been in the past – a patch can bring into the game any transfers of players or changes in the schedule in the form of a download.

But this means that developers will have to make larger changes. The fact that PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles will be released this year can help in this regard – provided that they inevitably get the latest version of the game.

EURO 2020

What about the Euro 2020 tournament, which is now being postponed to 2021? In other years, this is usually added to the game as a downloadable add-on to the start of the game.

Luckily for EA, this year’s license belongs to competitors Konami and the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise. Will Konami kepp it? Or will EA get the opportunity to receive a license next year?

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