FIFA 21 Career Mode: News and Updates

FIFA 21 Career Mode: News and Updates

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Finally EA promises to make some new changes to FIFA 21 Career Mode. Please find here the latest news and updates.

FIFA 21 Career Mode: introduction new changes and updates

EA promises new updates to FIFA 21 Career Mode to make better gameplay, transfers and training experience.

(Updated) New trailer for career mode released

It shows the possibility of interactive simulation of matches, a player development function, thanks to which players can change positions, and more.

FIFA 21 Career Mode New Features:

Interactive Match Sim.

Now you can jump in and out of matches to change the game in key game moments (penalties, free kicks). You can make direct tactical changes to game while monitoring the game data as it progresses.

FIFA 21 Career Mode

Revamped Growth System

You can actively participate in player’s development process while in training regime. And train the players on new position (e.g. making left wingern from left back).

The FIFA 21 Cover Is Presented. It Shows 21-Year-Old PSG Forward Kylian Mbappé

Match Sharpness

Introduction of new attribute concerning how your players perform during crutial moments of the game. This should be smth like psychological stability and will demand from you better management of players rotation.

Active Training Sytem

You can create group trainings for your players to improve the chances for your defenders to tackle successfully and attackers to score goals.

New Activity Management System

Now it’s up to you to decide how much your players should train and rest during the week. It will effect fitness and morale attributes of your players.

Enhanced Opposition AI

We are promised more intellegent AI opponents in attack and in defence making the gameplay with computer controlled opponents fresh and challenging.

New Ways to Sign Players

Now you can make loans or buy proposals with optional or mandatory future transfer fees.

The First Trailer For FIFA 21 Was Presented. The Game Will Be Released On October 9

New Initial Set-up Options

You can here choose if you want to be realistic or may choose to boost your initial teams budgets to be in advatage from the very beginning of the game.

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