How to score a corner in FIFA 21: corner kick tutorial

FIFA 21 Tutorials

Here is a tutorial how to score a corner in FIFA 21. Find below tutorial for the most effective corner kick tactics in new FIFA.

Corner kicks are very important tools for every FIFA player as there are many corner kicks chances during each game and skilled players are always trying to use these chances to score.

How to score a corner in FIFA 21: corner kick tutorial

At the same time in FIFA 20 corner kicks became almost useless and it was extremely difficult to score directly from corner kicks. Thus, players instead of long and lob passes started just to use short passes to keep posession of the ball.

Now the situation is completely different and you can score goals from corners in FIFA 21.

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How to score a corner in FIFA 21: tutorial

List of corner controls

Corners – Lob Pass
Corners – PassX
Aim KickL
Apply Kick Power
Turn Aim Indicator On/OffOn D-Pad: UP
Display Corner TacticsOn D-Pad: DOWN
Run Far PostOn D-Pad: DOWN then UP
Edge of Box RunOn D-Pad: DOWN then RIGHT
Crowd The GoalkeeperOn D-Pad: DOWN then LEFT
Run Near PostOn D-Pad: DOWN then DOWN
Short Throw InX
Short Throw In (Manual)
Long Throw In▢ or X
Move Along Line (Throw In)L

Choose the right players

  1. The best option would be to choose right foot player to take corners from left and left foot player for right corners.
  2. Player attributes: Free kick accuracy should be as high as possible (around 90) as well as “curve” attribute.
  3. For shooting players 2 attributes are crucial: “jumping” and height of the player.

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Corner kick tactics in FIFA 21:

  • Like it was a case in previous FIFA versions it is better to call one of your players to corner flag wiht “R1” button (choosing which player to call with “L1”). Thus, disattracting one of the defenders from penalty box, who will have to follow your player.
  • Aim at the middle of penalty box of your opponent (you can experiment to aim the target of the cross right in the middle of a little bit further).
  • The power of the cross should be 3 bars.
  • The heading power should be around half of the slider. Try not to overpower the shot.
  • The skilled players try to move the goalkeeper forward during the corner kicks. So, you have to aware of this fact and sometime move target of you crosses a little bit further from the goal for the goalkeeper not to catch the ball.
Ovvy channel

FIFA 21 Corner Kick Glitch

A large number of bugs and glitches are found in each new part of FIFA. For example, when FIFA 20 came out, the players quickly figured out how to easily score from corners. It was very unpleasant, especially for those to whom such goals were scored literally from every corner. But for sure, FIFA 21 sorted out this problem. Unfortunately no.

How to score a corner in FIFA 21

Youtuber Wrzzer (almost 4 million subscribers) devoted his new video to corners, where he told how easy it is to score from corners in FIFA 21.

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First, choose the player with the highest CRV. Wrzzer uses Trent Alexander-Arnold and Lionel Messi as examples. Second, point the yellow pointer at the goal line. Then just hold the lob pass button. The slider should be fully cranked.

That’s all you need to do in order to score a corner. We are confident that the developers are already aware of the existence of this error and will try to fix it as soon as possible. But while it works, you can easily piss off your opponent by scoring one of the corners this way. The video clearly shows how to perform corners so that the ball flies into the goal:


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