How to score long shots in FIFA 21?

How to score long shots in FIFA 21?

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Here is a tutorial about the most effective ways how to score long shots in FIFA 21: tips, tectics and shot techniques.

Controls that are usefull for long shots

Shot Controls
Chip ShotL1 + ◯
Finesse ShotR1 + ◯
Low Shot/Downward HeaderL1 + R1 + ◯ + Tap ◯
Fake Shot◯ then X + direction

The long shots are not so much effective in FIFA 21 like it was before, though with necessary skills you can substancially increase your chances to score with long shots.

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How to score long shots in FIFA 21

How to score long shots in FIFA 21?

1. Mind defenders and shot angle

Please mind that the deffenders block a lot of long shots if you are not using the right angle. Try to aim at the far post.

2. Stop sprinting

Never do a long shots while sprinting. If you press sprint button the accuracy of the long shot will be low.

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3. Choose a right player

Your player has to have corresponding traits (special abilities) for long shots. Like if you review Messi’s stats you can find among his traits that he is a “Long Shot Taker”.

The player has to have high attribute of “long shots” and “shot power” to perform successfull long shots.

4. Mind weak foot

If you are trying to score with the weaker foot of your player – you will have better results if your player has a 5-stars weak foot (if less – your chances to score are not high).

Long shot techniques:

Finess long shots

While doing finess shot you’ve got to press simultaneously “R1” and shot button.

You have to aim at the direction of far post, mind position of defenders.

The power of the shot should be 2-3 bars.

Making skill move right before your long shot can substantially improve your ability to score.

How to score long shots in FIFA 21? Finess long shots

Power long shots

The power of the shot should be 2-3 bars.

If you want to learn how to score with long shot in FIFA 21 – the most important thing here is aiming direction- you shoud be always aiming a little bit to the right or to the left of the goal (diagonally).


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