he best way to earn coins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team (Photo: ru.techbriefly.com)

The best way to earn coins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: FUT trading tips, tricks and techniques

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Sooner or later, everyone starts to think about the best way to earn coins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team to buy certain players for his dream-team. Here is an ultimate guide on how to get coins in FUT with tips and tricks and different working methods.

Most of these methods worked for almost all versions of FIFA. 

Playing a lot grants you a fortune

For sure don’t forget about playing games in FUT modes as it will provide you with a lot of coins especially if you are advancing in division rivals, participating in Weekend Leagues and doing well in draft regime.

Now there are much more opportunities to earn coins by playing games comparing to the old FIFA versions in which you had to concentrate on trading.

The best way to earn coins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team by trading at transfer market

You can try to buy-and-sell everything starting from consumables and ending with the players. Just give a try to contracts, healing cards, player position cards and different players.

The only thing is that you need to spend a lot of time and efforts to get decent amount of coins.

Here is a collection of trading working methods (constantly updating) that you can use in FUT 21.

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Trading Contracts method

One the best way to earn coins in FIFA 21 is contracts method. The method is simple – buying contracts as cheap as possible and selling for bigger prices.

We would advice to concentrate on contract golden cards for 28 games. They are always needed by the players. And majority of players just enter the market and buy the first card they see there.

The best way to earn coins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team by trading at transfer market (Photo: www.fifa-infinity.com/)
The best way to earn coins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team by trading at transfer market (Photo: www.fifa-infinity.com/)

So, how to get some coins in FIFA 21 by trading contracts cards?

  1. Enter the transfer market
  2. Choose in search details: Consumables, Contracts, Gold and “buy now price” at 200 (or 250 coins – if you see no 28 games golden cards available for 200).
  3. Skip quickly with R1 (on PlayStation) button a dozen of more times to see the cards with 1 minute and 30 seconds or more time left till deadline (as there is a great competition within last 30 seconds and the competitors will be buying all contracts before you even click on them).
  4. Look for 28 games golden cards and quickly buy as many as possible
  5. Now go to sell all your cards. Usually I fix the price for every card minnimum bidding at 450 coins and “to buy now” at 550. The less you ask for your card – the less your profit will be but the sooner the cards will be sold out. So, you can expirement with prices.
  6. For sure you will not sell out all your cards immediately. So, you have to come back to transfer market and renew all your listings for many times.

So, actually investing 20K coins will return you (40-50K). But you will spend a lot of time for constant buying-selling and renewing the listings. Please also remember that EA takes from your 5% for every selling card.

Trading bronze players

This is one more popular method. It was always amazing for me why it works every FIFA and FIFA 21 is also the case. I couldn’t imaging that so many people are looking for bronze players.

The method is simple:

  • you buy as many simple brone packs for 400 coins as possible.
  • immeditely sell out all player cards with “buy now price” at 200 (for sure don’t forrget to press button “compare” before selling out the player to check if it costs more – in that case fix your buy now price 50 coins less the smallest “buy now price” you see on the market)
  • repeat it untill your selling listings are full. You can also experiment with the selling of the other bronze items. Unfortunatly in FUT 21 we have no longer fitness cards. As these bronze cards were sold out immediately for 200. You can immediately quick-sell all the trash left to EA for the couple of coins.
  • you have just repeat everything putting on transfer your listings for several times. If you see that some of the players are staying for 2-3 days – just quick-sell them.

Silver player method

Some people do beleive that the fastest and highest quality income can only be received when trading silver players. There are times when you can buy players for 200-500 coins, and sell for 4000-5000. Not bad, right? Moreover, we practically do not risk anything, as we buy players for a penny. Let’s talk about it in more detail.    

How to trade. What is SBC?

I would recommend only working with Silver players from leagues that are required to collect SBCs (Squard Building Challenges). 

In this mode, we need to collect teams from various players, in exchange for which we will be given packs. The players used for the SBC disappear, so it is very important to calculate what is profitable for us to collect and what is not. 

Many people can buy your Silver players specifically for this mode, and therefore players from the necessary leagues will be more popular. By the end of the year almost all leagues will be represented in SBC. Usually they are starting from the most popular leagues like Bundesliga, Calcio A, Premier League. 

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What app to use for fast trading

To make the purchase process much faster and easier, it is better to use not the game itself, but the web application . 

Also, I would not recommend using a mobile application, since everything will also take a little longer on it. 

This application can be easily found on the official FIFA website or write “FUT Application” in the search engine and follow the link. 

The process itself

We have considered what to trade and which leagues to monitor to buy players. Let’s take a closer look at the trading process itself:

  • Let’s take into account the timing. We will trade by placing bets, and in order not to wait 3 days… I do not bet on players who have more than 30 minutes left until the end of trading.
  • We use the search filter. This is perhaps the most basic stage. It will determine which players the market will give us. It is important to set it correctly to get the maximum profit. From personal experience, I can say that the most optimal settings will be: the maximum player price to bid is 500, the minimum buy now is 700. Let me explain. In theory, there is already a profit of 200 coins, without taking into account the commission of 5%. It is rather risky to start trading with a bet of more than 500 coins. Well, getting in the search results on the market players who cost less than 700 coins is also not profitable. You can adjust the filter for yourself, but for me personally, these settings are the most optimal. In addition to these parameters, we set silver quality and choose from the leagues that we have decided on earlier. 
  • Purchase. After filling in the filter and finding the players, you need to choose which of them to buy. Everything is very simple here. We look at how much is the minimum “buy now” price, and if it is three times more than our rate, we can safely bid the player. 
  • Monitoring of trades. After placing all the bets, you need to go to the bidding section and see which players were overtaken and which were not. If the profit from the interrupted player is still good, then update the bet and so on until the profit doesn’t suit us. This is how we do all our bets. 
  • List of purchased players . After we purchase the players, we put them on the market at a price that is 100 or 50 coins less than the “buy now” minimum price. We expose ideally for 3 hours, but if it is not possible to enter in three hours, then you can go to 6 or 12. I do not recommend it for a longer time, since the situation on the market may change, and you will have to wait 1, 2 or 3 days to reduce the value of your player.

You can buy players in this way as many as you like. It all depends on your patience and the time you are willing to spend. I usually fill my entire transfer list, which is 50 players. Usually I perform this operation in the morning and then in the evening. The result is an average of 30-40 thousand per approach. I spend no more than one hour on this. 


So, we have discussed the best way to earn coins in FIFA 21. In conclusion, I will say that in my experience, the best profit comes from rare silver players , but this does not mean that it is worth trading only with them. 

I trade anything for which the minimum buy now price is higher than my bid. 


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