FIFA 22 Gameplay Review: What's New?

FIFA 22 Gameplay Review: What’s New?


FIFA 22 Gameplay Review: FIFA goes to nextgen. If in the last part the upgrade affected only the visual part, then this year the EA decided to completely reconsider the gameplay. 

HyperMotion technology based on neural networks has significantly transformed the behavior of players. But the main conclusion of the FIFA 22 gameplay review is that you will be able to feel major changes on next generation consoles only.

FIFA 22 Gameplay Review

Gameplay almost the same

Gameplay changes will only be noticed only by experienced players.

The gameplay of FIFA 22 on the past generation consoles and PC has changed little. 

Of course, there are some gameplay changes like:

  • receiving the ball has become more difficult,
  • pressing by the second player is now not as effective,
  • the goalkeepers seem to behave a little differently, 
  • the physics of player collisions has changed.

But even with these changes, FIFA 22 is still the same game. The main features of the previous editions work, and it will take only a couple of matches to get used to the new details.

FIFA 22 Gameplay Review (Photo:
FIFA 22 Gameplay Review (Photo:

The fundamentally new movements of football players on the field you can meet only on the next generation consoles. In addition to HyperMotion Technology, there are available new features:

  • Defense updates – the players in the defense act as a whole mechanism;
  • Goalkeepers use unique styles of play;
  • The physics of the ball has become more realistic.

Who is on FIFA 22 cover?

Two-stage Weekend League

There are 20 matches in the final stage (there were 30 before), but you won’t be able to play less games.

Most of the changes to the main online mode in FIFA are stylistic: menu, added a new filter. Squad Battles, draft and friendlies remain the same.

EA only worked on the main modes of FUT: Division Rivals and Weekend League. 

In divisions, rewards are given not for rating, but for achieved ranks and played matches. 

Much more interesting are the changes in the Weekend League. You will advance to the tournament when you collect 1500 points, but you will only get into its first stage. 

Fifa 22 ps4 vs ps5: what are the differences?

To get to the final stage, you will have to win at least 5 out of 9 matches: for a victory you get 4 points, for a defeat – 1. The rewards at this stage are low and it can hardly compete with at least Squad Battles. Please note: there are only 7 attempts for the entire season.

Two-stage Weekend League (Photo: GGRecon)
FIFA 22 Gameplay Review: Two-stage Weekend League (Photo: GGRecon)

Now you have to play within the Weekend League only 20 matches – 10 less than it was the last year. The main reward is given for winning 16 matches and 4 losses. The second prize is 12 to 8. Please note that defeats also matter! Even if you lose all 20 matches, you will receive the prize with the choice of the player. For the “automatic” qualification to the next tournament, the ratio should be 8/12 (wins/loses) and the third WL rank is enough.

In general, the WL changes are very loyal to the player, but you shouldn’t think that you will have to play less. Together with the qualification, you risk playing up to 29 matches, while the tension in both stages will be higher. At the same time, 5 wins guarantee you the player of the team of the week.

Extended match statistics is another nice bonus for FUT (and not only). For example, you can watch each tackle or hit made by a player.

This statistic is especially important when selecting a squad. It will help you understand how correct your feelings about a particular player card are. 

Lootboxes in FIFA 22: dramatic changes

The last and very important news is about loot boxes. The opening of the packs became almost instantaneous. The status of the dropped player is signaled by fireworks, but it appears so quickly that it makes no sense to look at them.

Preview is a key mechanic of the FUT 22 store and has received a lot of attention. The pack with a preview is free – its timer is 24 hours, during which you must decide if to buy a set. The store has a special menu, which separately shows “opened” packs.

Lootboxes in FIFA 22: dramatic changes (Photo: CCeit News)
Lootboxes in FIFA 22: dramatic changes (Photo: CCeit News)

Yes, you got it right. You can open a pack and, depending on the value of the cards in it, accept or cancel the transaction. Even the silver sets are worth opening in the first month. You are not risking anything and you can easily earn coins!

Such a great feature appeared in the game thanks to the pressure of the EU regulators on EA due to the policy of loot boxes (recall that FIFA has a “child” rating). Perhaps in the future, the EA will be forced to make even greater concessions. But even the current state of affairs is a big plus for gamers. 

FIFA 22 career

A long-awaited innovation in a manager’s career is the creation of your own club. It is built from scratch: the logo, shape and decoration of the stadium are selected. If desired, at the beginning of each season, the arena can be re-configured. The new club will be filled with fake players – we can choose their approximate age and general skill.

In a career for an existing team, the choice of settings is limited. For both types of careers, unlimited financial investments are available at the start, which greatly facilitates the game.

Contrary to expectations, the tasks for the coach’s rating were not reworked. The severity of the requirements of the management can be customized, but only when creating your own club. 

The most important change in a player’s career is the opportunity to come on as a substitute. In the previous game editions, the player suffered greatly due to the fact that he received a few chances. 

Archetypes have been added to the player’s skill tree. With their help, you can purposefully develop the style of your character’s play.

As a football player develops, talents are revealed. There are only three talents to choose from. In general, these perks look too monotonous – EA could have come up with something more interesting.

VOLTA Mode Looks Great

Street football VOLTA has become the best part of the new edition of FIFA. The developers have completely changed the mode.

A bonus scale of feints has appeared in Volta – do them more often, and your goals multiply the score on the scoreboard. In a real match, x4 is difficult to achieve, but double magnification occurs all the time.

Another awesome event is the VOLTA Arcade. The minigame pack only appears on weekends and offers a true casual alternative to the Weekend League. Arcade games include bouncers, tennis and a disco.

The VOLTA seasons is about customization and doesn’t make much sense. The leveling is disappointing: the development branch is roughly divided between the classic roles on the field. Signature moves – “Power Strike”, “Pure Speed” and “Aggressive Tackle” are another matter. They greatly influence the gameplay and give new emotions. Contrary to the first expectations, the high speed did not become imbalanced. 


So, here it was FIFA 22 gameplay review and reveal of all upcoming changes to the game. Should you buy FIFA 22? Yes, it will delight fans of all modes, but on one condition: you liked the previous FIFA games.

If the gameplay did not suit you before, there is a chance to get positive emotions only on the new generation consoles. 


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