FIFA 20 Mobile: what is it and what is new?

FIFA 20 Mobile: what is it and what is new?

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FIFA 20 Mobile – that’s a great chance for FIFA fans to keep on playing FIFA on their phones, when ther are out of home. So, what is FIFA 20 mobile, FIFA 20 mobile release date and how to download FIFA Mobile?

FIFA for phone – what is FIFA 20 mobile?

FIFA Mobile is a mobile online football game from EA Sports.

FIFA for phone - what is FIFA 20 mobile?


FIFA 20 Mobile Release Date

The game was announced back in August 2016, and the FIFA Mobile release took place two months later – October 11 of that year (on Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows phones). 

FIFA 20 Mobile Release Date

However in 2017, support for Windows Mobile smartphones ceased – only FIFA Mobile on Android and iOS is currently available.

First FIFA Mobile Launch Trailer

The latest version of FIFA Mobile – what is new?


The latest version of the mobile version – FIFA Mobile 20 – includes a redesigned Ultimate Team section. The new FIFA Mobile allows the player to work with their field line-ups corresponding to their preferred playing style.

The latest version of FIFA Mobile - what is new? Line-ups

In FIFA Mobile 20, the starting line-up still consists of 11 players, however, only 27 players must be present in the team. In previous versions of the simulator, it was necessary to collect 11 players of the starting lineup and 6 players on the bench.

Game schemes

After fixing the formation of the squad, the player must choose one of 16 game schemes: sorted by “attacking”, “balanced” and “defensive” types. The next step – FIFA Mobile will automatically select the starting squad. 

This approach allows the player to skip the team composition, and also eliminates the need for the user to check for the need of contracts and other training items.

FIFA 20 mobile: how to get top players

FIFA Mobile 20 on Android and iOS offers 3 different ways to get players. The first and most obvious way is to look for players in sets or buy for FIFA Points and earned coins. The second way to create a team is to complete numerous tasks. Keep in mind that some players can only be obtained this way!

FIFA 20 mobile: how to get top players

The last way to get player cards is to buy them on the FIFA Mobile market. In the new version of the game, the market has been redesigned: users still have the opportunity to trade items and place bets on lots of other players, however, all processes do not occur directly. Only through the mediation of the game, which ensures the equality of all participants and allows you to create an honest market. 

The ability to conduct direct sales and purchase transactions with each other may appear when FIFA Mobile is released in the new version.

New multiplayer modes

Another distinguishing feature of FIFA Mobile is the “VS Attack” mode. This multiplayer mode appeared in the game in 2017. VS Attack is a development of the previous Attack mode in which a player has the opportunity quickly and without unnecessary preparations to conduct a match against another player. 

In this multiplayer mode, matches last only two minutes. After joining, each player has about 15 seconds to choose a tactic and scheme before the start of the match. The selected pattern determines the game in defense. The aim of the regime, as in real football, is to score more goals than the opponent.

Fifa 20 mobile app download

Fifa 20 mobile app download

You can download the latest version of FIFA Mobile in the Google Play  


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