PES 2021 Review: Pro Evolution Soccer Still Keeps Competition Alive...barely

PES 2021 Review: Pro Evolution Soccer Still Keeps Competition Alive…barely

PES 2021 about

While we are waiting for completely new PES 22 with a new engine, here is PES 2021 review: what’s new and what’s the same in main FIFA’s competitor?

The coronavirus has become a problem even for football simulators. Konami planned to roll out a major update in PES 21, but did not make it in time due to the pandemic.

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The last time we saw the engine update was in PES 15 – the game was badly underdeveloped, and Konami’s been bringing it to perfection for about 3 more years. But now all the efforts are concentrated on PES 2022, which should be a “breakthrough”.

PES 2021 Review: Pro Evolution Soccer Still Keeps Competition Alive...barely

PES 2021 – what’s new?

Graphic changes: detailed faces of football players

New faces of football players were added and some old ones were redrawn. As usual, there are many more unique faces in PES comparing to FIFA. 

They look amazing as always. The faces fit the size of the head and the players look harmonious.

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Gameplay changes

Small changes are noticeable in each component of the game.

  • It’s easier and more convenient to perform passes.
  • The ball began to move even more smoothly, but the speed seems to have increased. 

Now there should be more successful online combinations.

Attacking has become easier too. 

  • Player responsiveness to button presses has increased. 
  • One-touch passes work better.
  • Your dribbling skills have become more important. 
  • The speed of the attackers began to play a big role.

Goalkeepers visually began to save more often. In PES 20, the goalkeepers were often stupid in online modes now the situation is a quite different. Although we have to admit that the AI ​​at the highest level is still brilliant at scoring long shots.

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PES 2021 - what's new?

There was added a new animation and the players began to place the body better, protecting the ball.

And now there is real benefit from tackles. In PES 20, when defending, it was necessary to forget about the “tackle” button – always a foul and a penalty. Now the players are really taking the ball.

The system of penalties has not been corrected – it is still too complicated for a casual player to master it.

What’s still the same in PES 21?

PES 2021 Game Modes

PES 2021 review cannot omit game mode problem.

Master League, Become a Legend, Euro 2020 expansion – everything just the same like it’s been before. If to take into account variety of modes and regimes, FIFA 21 takes a lead.

PES 2021 review: Licenses 

In fact, there are even fewer licenses – for example, Konami lost Milan and Inter. 

PES 2021 Review

The leagues of Belgium, Denmark, Turkey, the Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, RPL, French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, Serie B have received full licenses in Europe. In Serie A, except for the Milan, Brescia does not have a license. In Spain, PES owns exclusive license of Barcelona.

From Germany there are 3 clubs in the Other Leagues section – Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen, and Schalke. RB Leipzig and Borussia were not delivered.

Who is PES 2021 Cover Star: Now Officially

From Latin America they brought in the Brazilian Serie B. You can start the Master League for Cruzeiro or Chapocoense. And once again we complain about the absence of MLS – there are still a lot of football stars playing there.


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