How to be good at FIFA 20: tips and tricks

How to be good at FIFA 20: tips and tricks


How to be good at FIFA 20? – every gamer wants to win as often as possible. And it would seem that this is nothing complicated: bargain wisely in the transfer market, learn how to perform skill moves, attack only with the fastest ones and play according to the scheme with three forwards. 

By and large, these tips are correct, but there are a number of tricks and tricks that will significantly increase the chances of winning. We will be happy to share with you tips on how to win in FIFA 20 even more often!

How to be good at FIFA 20
How to be good at FIFA 20How to be good at FIFA 20

How to be good at FIFA 20: tips and tricks you should know

Change camera view

In football, the visibility of the field has a big influence on the game. You can use the radar, but it covers part of the screen and is not able to transmit the full picture on the field.

West Ham United team - London Stadium

There are several other options for a good review:

  1. Change the type of camera from television to cooperative in the game settings;
  2. The camera can be changed without changing the camera settings in the game. The transfer market will help you with this, and to be more precise, the purchase of the home stadium of the West Ham United team – London Stadium. The fact is that the camera in this arena is located under the roof itself and provides an excellent overview at a right angle of the entire field in all its sections. The cost of the stadium is low, so everyone can use this life hack.

Using crosses in an attack

When playing in PvP mode and while playing in PvE mode, it is very difficult to carry out an attack in the center. 

Therefore, it is better to attack through the flank. But to push the ball towards the penalty area is half the battle, the main task is to deliver the ball directly to the penalty area. There are several ways to do this, consider them:

  • At the expense of dribbling and skill moves, get into the penalty area yourself and make a shot;
  • High passes into the penalty box;
  • Crosses from the flank. This method is the most effective and simple. If performed correctly, the pass will find the foot of the attacking player on the near or far post with a probability of 80%. Use this method if the skill moves is not your the strongest side. To perform a cross, you need to quickly press the lob pass button three times in a row, directing it towards the gate. 

Learn to use Strafe Dribling

In FIFA 20 there was introduced a new strafe dribling mechanics.

You can use it when you face your opponent one on one. It gives the time for your forward to get to better position to receive the pass.

Controll the ball with L1/LB and holding down R1/RB will lock direction your player is facing.

Control the goalkeeper

Goalkeeper control can be used to your advantage in corner kicks. Kipers should be placed in the center of the goalkeeper’s square, where crosses usually follow. 

But you can get a direct goal from the corner with a “dry leaf” if the opponent owns such a technique. Therefore, if you notice that the opponent is changing the player making the corner – urgently return the goalkeeper back.

Learn Timed Finishing

Timed Finishing is back and it’s not so easy to tackle with it. At the same time – the more you practice with it – the more goals you score.

Early morning is the best time to shop.

It’s about Ultimate Team. Buying and selling silver players from the top championships in the evening is not worth it. This is due to huge competition, in 90% of cases you will lose both money and time.

The best time to trade is in the early morning. 

The points of sale in the game are divided into time zones, so you will not come across a player from Latin America who also wants to earn on transfers. Your direct competitors are in the same time zone as you. 

FIFA 20 Transfer Market

Therefore, if you wake up early in the morning, it’s worth making the maximum number of bids, which will close soon. 

Concentrate on bronze packs

If you want to gain some money, we recommend that you purchase rare bronze sets. They have the following advantages:

  • There are no restrictions on the number of players, you can get more than 3, unlike silver sets;
  • Football players from silver packs in most cases cost the same as in bronze packs, so there is no point in overpaying;
  • The cost of fitness cards in silver packs is equal to the price of bronze, given that bronze is 4-5 times cheaper – the choice is obvious.

Rare bronze packs often include coins, additional bonuses and sets, as well as football players without restrictions on the amount equal to three per package.

Pace matters

Counter attacks are very effective in FIFA 20 and pace is very important characteristic of your forwards. Use these things extensively in your gameplay.

At the same time precise passing is more difficult in FIFA 20.

Direct your defence player to the near post

The way is that you can put the player on the near post during the free-kick in your direction while defencing – he can save you from the goal in many cases. 

But there is one minus – in such a case there will be no offside trap possible. If the opponent decides to pass the ball instead of shooting, he will be able to hit from a closer distance without interference. 

In this case, you can confuse the opponent by periodically running the player from the post and back.    

Jokey in defence

To be good at FIFA 20 you must not rely on AI in defence anymore. You have to control everything yourself. Learning how to use jokey in defence is essencial here (L2/LT and holding down simultaneously R2/RT for fast jokey).

Change the arrangement without stopping the game

FIFA 20 allows you to change the arrangement of players during the game. You can adapt your game to any situation without losing the game rhythm. 

The method is good that the opponent does not notice the change of schemes and does not understand why his tactics is not working anymore. And now he needs to look for a new gap in your defense. Play according to the score – if you need to urgently win back, then put 3 forwards, if you play on hold, then focus on the support zone and defense, increasing the number of players there.

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PvP and PvE require an individual approach                       

For different game modes – you need different tactics and compositions. 

So, for example, a team playing well against a bot is practically useless when playing against a real player, and vice versa. 

This is explained by the fact that in the Weekend League or Division Rivals modes fast players with a good shot are useful, and in Squad Battle physically powerful players (height, weight, stamina and long shots) show high efficiency.

This information must be taken into account when building tactics and choosing players before the start of a match.

Learn new skills to be good in FIFA 20!

How to be good in FIFA 20
How to be good at FIFA 20

And finally to be good at FIFA 20 – you have to spend a lot of time for practicing and learning new skills, skill moves, corners, free kicks, experimenting with new schemes and formations.



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